It is interesting to know that the almond tree has been on the planet since 4000 BC. This plant was first found in Central and Southwest Asia. Apart from its pleasant and delicious taste, almonds have various healing properties. Therefore, it is used in many treatments and prescriptions. Almond plant is also an ornamental plant and turns into beautiful white and pink flowers in spring.   There are different types of almonds, which are divided into the following categories:   Paper Peel Almond Midwifery Almond Stone Almond Rabi Almond Almond Manqa White almonds Bitter Almond peanut Cashew






Nutrients per 100 grams
Sodium 14 milligrams
Calcium 240 milligrams
Iron 3 milligrams
Thiamine 0.21 milligrams
Folate 48 micrograms
Potassium 780 milligrams
Phosphorus 550 milligrams
Vitamin E 23.98 milligrams
Niacin 3.1 milligrams
Energy 612 kilo calories

Benefits of Almond

Obesity Treatment

Due to the presence of beneficial oils in almonds, consuming enough of it can make the body resistant to saturated and excess fats. Also, the presence of phosphorus causes long-term satiety in people. Therefore, almonds can be considered as a fat burner for weight loss and an effective snack in the diet.


Bone health

Eating almonds in the diet of children at an advanced age can ensure their bone health. The presence of iron, phosphorus and calcium affect the proper growth of bones and their health.


Healthy skin and hair

Significant amounts of vitamin E in almonds can ensure the freshness of hair and skin for the body. On the other hand, the omega-6 in almonds also plays an important role in hair transparency. Also, the beneficial oils in almonds help to hydrate the skin naturally, prevent sunburn and treat pimples.


Improves cell growth and muscle building

Almonds contain large amounts of healthy fats, so they are very useful in providing energy to the body, especially for bodybuilders. Vitamin E and the body’s enzyme-regulating antioxidants help improve cell growth and muscle building, which are found in significant amounts in almonds.



The fiber in almonds is effective in better functioning of the digestive system and digestion. Research has shown that proper digestion of the digestive system and the presence of fiber in the diet reduce the risk of colon cancer. Also, the presence of vitamins and other substances in almonds prevents breast cancer in women.


Prevent birth defects

The folic acid in almonds plays a key role in building and maintaining healthy cells in the body. It is also very useful for the development of the spinal cord and fetal brain. Doctors recommend almonds for breastfeeding women, because in addition to folic acid, which is needed by their body; The amount of calcium and potassium in almonds is effective in regulating blood pressure.

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