Dried apples are the same apples that are dehydrated or without water. Dried apples are brownish in color, soft and shiny, and naturally sweet. Therefore, it can be substituted for sugar. Dried apples can also be a great and tasty alternative to fresh apples. If enough dried apples are consumed, dried fruit can be a great complement and nutritious snack.





Nutrients per 100 grams
Sodium 2 milligrams
Calcium 4 milligrams
Iron 0.1 milligrams
Thiamine 0.04 milligrams
Folate 5 micrograms
Potassium 88 milligrams
Phosphorus 7 milligrams
Vitamin E 0.25 milligrams
Niacin 0.1 milligrams
Energy 35 kilo calories

Benefits of Dried Apples

Weight Loss

The presence of a lot of fiber in dried apples can make the body feel full, which means less calories are consumed in the body. Fiber is good for the body and is responsible for killing bacteria. You can have a proper diet by consuming as much as dried apples to reach your desired weight.


Prevent cancer

The polyphenols in dried apples produce an antioxidant in the body and help the body repair damaged cells.


Increase the absorption of minerals

Dried apples have nutritious minerals that can help a lot to the health of the body. Potassium is essential for improving the function of the body’s nervous system. Sodium is responsible for the body’s water balance. Iron also helps make red blood cells.

You can get all of the above by eating enough dried apples to a large extent.


Prevention of heart disease

Research on dried apples shows that this fruit is effective in preventing heart disease. The presence of a special fiber in dried apples, known as pectin, makes the body more resistant to heart disease.


Improves the digestive system

Dried apples with high amounts of fiber help improve digestion. To avoid digestive problems, doctors recommend eating fruits such as dried apples.


Weight Loss

The fiber in dried apples helps you feel full longer, which helps you lose weight in the long run. Also, other ingredients in dried apples increase the body’s metabolism.


Useful against diabetes

Studies have shown that daily consumption of fruits and dried fruits reduces the risk of diabetes. Dried apples help manage blood sugar by providing nutrients. Like insulin, this fruit can regulate blood sugar levels. Prevent Asthma

Dried apples are good for people with asthma. On the other hand, research has shown that eating dried apples can help manage asthma symptoms.


Treatment of skin diseases

Dried apples can treat common symptoms such as dry skin, paleness, cracking and most long-term skin conditions. The presence of vitamins B2, C and A and substances such as iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium in dried apples will guarantee the health of the skin.


Gingival health

Chewing and eating dried apples cleans the gums and kills bacteria. Eating dried apples is like a natural toothbrush. High levels of vitamin C in dried apples prevent gum disease and tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel.

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