The planting of the fig tree has been common among the natives of Egypt since 2800 BC. The fig tree is also mentioned in the Torah. The Romans also considered figs as a sign of prosperity and progress. Dried figs have a sweet and warm taste. Figs are a fruit native to West Asia and the Mediterranean countries. The part known as the fig fruit is not actually a fig fruit but an appendage full of fig flowers.





Nutrients per 100 grams
Sodium 62 milligrams
Calcium 250 milligrams
Iron 4.2 milligrams
Niacin 0.8 milligrams
Potassium 97 milligrams
Phosphorus 89 milligrams
Thiamine 9 milligrams
Energy 227 kilo calories

Benefits of Dried Fig

Beneficial for pregnant women

Dried figs are high in fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and omega-3, which is one of the best foods for pregnant women. Dried figs help the mother’s condition in the proper development of the fetus. Dried figs can also prevent premature birth.


Treatment and elimination of anemia

High levels of vitamin C and iron are very helpful in treating anemia. Dried figs, due to their iron and vitamin C content, can greatly alleviate the problem of anemia.


Treatment of constipation

Dried figs soaked in water may be one of the most effective remedies for constipation. It is also very effective in causing better and faster digestion of food due to its fiber content.


Strengthen bones and reduce osteoporosis

Minerals such as calcium help the bones grow and strengthen the body. The presence of calcium in the diet improves the condition of the bones. Dried figs contain significant amounts of calcium. In addition to calcium, the phosphorus in dried figs also causes damaged bones to form and heal.


Hair health and hair growth

Dried figs with many properties can help hair growth. The presence of phosphorus and iron in dried figs can ensure the health of hair for the body. According to research, daily consumption of dried figs also rejuvenates hair.


Strengthen sexual power

Dried figs are very useful for men. Today, most men face sexual problems and diseases due to lifestyle changes and the use of various or sometimes genetic drugs. Daily consumption of dried figs can be useful in treating such diseases. Consumption of dried figs also increases sexual desire for men and women.

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