Raisins have been available in Iran and Egypt since about 2,000 BC by drying grapes. At that time, raisins were widely used to decorate religious sites in Rome and Greece. In some places, raisins were given as prizes to the winners of major competitions. The main producers of this food are Turkey, Iran and Greece. Australia and the United States have recently been added to the list of largest producers. Raisins are known around the world as useful and valuable snacks and are used in various foods and desserts. Dry sun This model of raisin dries in the sun and has a brown color. In different parts of this model, raisins are also called pilaf raisins. The good taste of this raisin model has made it popular in the raisin group. Dry shade This raisin is made from Askari grapes and is large and green. This raisin model is still green after drying.   Acidity Seedless grapes are soaked in sharp oil and dried with sulfur smoke. This model of raisin has a yellowish brown color. Acidic raisins are also known as yellow or smoked. currant Raisins are obtained from black house grapes and have a lot of kernels and sugar. This model is meaty raisin and has many properties.





Nutrients per 100 grams
Sodium 60 milligrams
Calcium 46 milligrams
Iron 3.8 milligrams
Niacin 0.6 milligrams
Potassium 1020 milligrams
Phosphorus 76 milligrams
Thiamine 0.12 milligrams
Folate 10 micrograms
Energy 273 kilo calories

Benefits of Raisins

Improves tooth decay

The presence of aleanolic acid in raisins reduces the risk of tooth decay and the formation of bacteria in the mouth. Regular consumption of raisins prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.


Prevent premature aging

The antioxidant properties of raisins protect the body from cell destruction, and help build healthy cells. This prevents premature aging of the body.


Treatment of constipation

The presence of fiber and carbohydrates is essential for the health of the body’s digestive system. Raisins with these ingredients are a good snack for people suffering from constipation.


Reduce heart disease

Daily consumption of a few raisins controls and stabilizes body function. Raisins lower triglyceride levels, which prevents heart disease.


Liver detoxification

Poor diet or living in contaminated areas can cause many toxins to enter the human liver. With daily consumption of raisins, liver detoxification can be done naturally. Also one of the benefits of raisins is skin clarity.


Insomnia treatment

To relieve insomnia, doctors recommend iron intake. Raisins are a source of iron and by consuming this food, you can improve the quality and amount of your sleep.


Infectious disease

Raisins contain bacteria called phenolic phytochemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria and germs in the body. Consumption of raisins prevents infectious, viral and bacterial diseases.


Weight Loss

Consumption of raisins due to the high amount of fiber during exercise as a snack, keeps the body full to a large extent, and this leads to weight loss in the long run. Natural sugar and fiber in raisins are two effective ingredients for a healthy diet and fitness.

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